Audit & Assurance

There is a general perception that the sole purpose for statutory audit of their company’s financial statement is to comply with the legal requirements. However, there are some more on top of this: Have you ever considered that auditors may add value to your success in your business? This can be done through understanding your financial position and internal control.

Our audit and assurance services are designated to provide relevant, timely and reliable information. With our professional expertise, we tailor-made a bespoke auditing procedures under given rules and regulations according to individual situation of your business. With this flexibility in arrangement, the audit can be carried out efficiently and effectively. Throughout the audit process, we also share our insights and recommendations for the benefit of your business.

Our Services Cover:

  • Hong Kong statutory audit
  • Agreed upon procedures tailored to client’s specific needs
  • Review and compilation of financial statements
  • Internal control evaluation
  • Employee benefit plan audits
  • Other assurance service